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Monday, April 8, 2013

Brief Encounters of the Human Kind IV: Stripped

I wished I had a camera with me, because it was such a cute sight: two red moto-taxis standing side by side on a small sandy island in the middle of the Copán River. What we didn’t see until we came closer (and when I forgot about the camera altogether) were the two young taxi drivers getting undressed behind their vehicles while sipping from cans of beer. When they were completely undressed they started fooling around, unaware that me and my friend were about to pass by. When they finally noticed us gals, they let out a startled “Oops!!” and they both dove in the river, beer cans still in their hands and thus totally ruining their drinks.

My friend and I tried to ignore the two guys, to avoid any form of embarrassment for either party, but that didn’t work because one of the guys started calling out my name. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they both started apologizing for being naked.

“We’re sorry!” one of the guys yelled, “But we worked all the way through Easter and we haven’t had time to go for a swim yet!”

“Yes, Carin!” cried the other, “Please forgive us!

My friend and I gave them a polite sort of wave in acknowledgements while we walked on, trying very hard not to pee ourselves laughing.

The taxi drivers kept on calling out apologies until we couldn’t hear them anymore. Afterwards I could hit myself on the head fort not remembering to look at the taxis’ numbers. The drivers might have recognized me, I certainly did not recognize them, in their state “au natural”. I bet it will take months before I’ll stop wondering if the driver is one of “them” every time I take a taxi.

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