Living in Central America (in my case Honduras and Guatemala) is sometimes hard, mostly fun but never boring. Here some of my musings on life in this colourful part of the world where you can always expect the unexpected. Hence Serendipity, the gift of finding without seeking…


Luminosa is the name of my art studio as well as the brand name of services and products such as painted furniture, paper products, signs, graphic design and art classes.

 At Luminosa Art Studio I offer art workshops for adults every Wednesday. Through the history of art we’ll explore different techniques and materials. Each workshop begins with a 30 minute theory session on a certain artist or art movement while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Then we’ll get to work using each time different techniques and materials, inspired by an aspect of the topic of the day, being it technique, theme, composition, use of colour, cultural context etc. The focus of the course is on exploring, the creative process, personal attention and having fun rather than the final result, although the results are often surprising and inspiring. 

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