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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's in a name ... Part II

Of course every language has its funny and interesting names. Here are a few very common ones used widely in Spanish speaking countries that are not all that strange until you take a moment to think about what they mean in translation:

Dolores (Pains)
Bárbara (Cruel female person)
Cielo (Heaven)
Aguas (Waters, ponds)
Inocencia (Innocence)
Julio (July, Julius)
Domingo (Sunday)
Purifcación (Purification)
Alba (Dawn)
Clara Luz (Clear Light)
Aura (Aura)
Sol (Sun)
Solangel (Sun Angel)
Ángel (Angel)
Marisol (Sea and Sun)
Refugio (Refuge)
Concepción (Conception)
Esperanza (Hope)
Milagros (Miracles)
Ángeles (Angles)
Salvador (Saviour)
Santos (Saints)
Encarnación (Incarnation)
Asunción (Ascension)
Cruz (Cross)
Mártir (Martyr)
Jesús (Jesus)
Remedios (Remedies)
Mercedes (Mercies, not a car. The car was actually named after the girl!)

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