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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things I hate in Honduras: Milk in a bag

It might not seem to be a big grievance, but since it’s a frequently reoccurring one, it actually is.
Milk in a bag.
Why, oh why?
It’s impossible to keep it in the fridge without spilling. It’s not easy to pour from a full bag of milk either. And there is no way you can drink straight out of the bag. Not to mention that they often leak, all the way from the store to your fridge.

I hate milk in a bag.

Not long after I came to live in Honduras, about fifteen years ago, I visited a friend in Tegucigalpa. She had a special milk container. It was just an oval sized pitcher, slightly bigger than a bag of milk, with a handle on one side. So you put the bag in the pitcher, cut off a corner and pour. Perfect! Since then, I’ve never stopped looking for a similar “milk pitcher”. To no avail. Although the country is inundated by all kinds of plastic pots, tubs, buckets and other brightly coloured vessels from China, the milk container seems to be extinct. So my milk bags keep slouching over in the door of my fridge, leaking its contents over jars of olives and pearl onions onto the floor. My dog doesn’t mind, but I do. And there’re not a lot of fun crafts to do either, with an empty milk bag…

And another nuisance, related to the topic: the Christmas packaging. Every year, the two big milk companies, Sula and Leyde, come out with a Christmas edition of their milk bag, usually with a red coated reindeer, some bells and snowflakes. But they always print way too many of those bags, so we drink “Christmas Milk” way into February, when summer has already started. Great publicity.

I’d never thought that a simple milk carton could be a subject of nostalgia…

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  1. We started using yogurt containers to hold our milk and they are perfect. It helps to prevent problems in the fridge and makes it much easier to pour the milk. We have also looked for the milk containers but apparently they were a promotional giveaway a few years ago by Sula and no one seems to sell them. Hope that helps. :-)