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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Maya Calendar For Sale

Whereas Copán is getting ready for the beginning of a “New Maya Era” –sort of, at least- I have been ready for quite a while!

There’s quite a discussion going on whether the “end” of the Maya calendar is being used and abused for commercial reasons at the expense of the living Maya, with some very good arguments for and against.
Interesting as it is, I’m not going there, because, yes, me too! I admit it; I’m trying to make a buck here! And YOU are the one who can help me do that!

I sell all sorts of Maya calendar glyphs, mostly of the sacred Tzolk’in calendar, but I also use the solar calendar Haab and the Long Count (of which the cycle of 134 Baktuns ends on December 21 (or 23, whichever correlation you use).

I design personalized digital glyphs for $5 only, or paint the desired glyph with whatever materials on whatever surface. Big, small, cheap or insanely expensive, everything is possible! I can do whole family portraits according to the Maya calendars, or make small paints as a wedding souvenir. The sky is the limit!

For some samples of my Maya calendar art, check out the following links:
My website:

For more information on the Maya Calendar:

Excellent info on Maya culture in general, as well as the 2012 phenomenon and the date converter I use:

Come on people the end of times is near! Buy me some art!!!

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