Living in Honduras or Guatemala as a foreigner is sometimes hard, mostly fun and never boring. This Blog is about more than just the oddities of my years in the not-so tranquil, cobble-stoned town of Copán Ruinas and, more recently, Antigua Guatemala. Hence Serendipity, the gift of finding without seeking…

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Q: So Carin, just for introductions, tell me a bit about yourself.
A: Well, for starters, I normally really don’t do interviews. Never.
Q: Oh? Why not?
A: That’s personal.
Q: So why this interview, then?
A: Uh… Because you said that there would be a compensation available? Right? This is off the records, right?
Q: Of course it is. About a compensation, well, uh, yes, I actually am authorized to reimburse you your travel expenses.
A: Travel expenses? But where here in my living room!
Q: Well that saves us some expenses then, doesn’t it?
A: It also saves us time and trouble! This is it, no more questions!
Q: Oh, come on, just a few more? Now that I’m here anyway?
A: That’s a question. Two, actually. I said no.
Q: Oh. But that means I came all the way down here for nothing!
A: But you’ll get your travel expenses reimbursed. And a “compensation”, right?
Q: No, not if I don’t deliver this interview.
A: Oh, well.
Q: Oh come on, help me out here, a fellow artist and wanna-be writer, just like yourself.
A: That’ so?
Q: You tell me!?
A: Uh, no. I won’t.
Q: Okay, listen. What if I just tell you what information I have about you and you just say “yes” or “no”, depending whether you agree or not. Deal?
A: (Silence). Okay. Deal. Yes.
Q: Right. Let’s get started. So: you’re originally from Amsterdam, Holland, and you have been living in Honduras since 1997.
A: Yes.
Q: You’re an artist. Mostly painting, right?
A: Yes.
Q: And if I’m correct, you’re also the director of Arte Acción Copán Ruinas, an NGO that organizes cultural activities for children here in Copán.
A: That’s right. I mean: yes.
Q: So why did you start this Blog?
A: That’s not a yes or no question.
Q: Correct, it isn’t. Let me see. Uh, I see that you mostly write in English.
A: Yes.
Q: Why not in your mother tongue Dutch?
A: Because I don’t have Dutch spelling control on my computer. Damn it, that’s not a yes/no question!
Q: Yes it is!
A: No it isn’t!
Q: Is too!
A: You know what, this interview is over.
Q: No!
A: Yes!
Q: No!
A: Yes!

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