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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Community Mural Fundraiser

Mural design projected on the wall of the community centre

All I want for Christmas is…THIS!
To paint a mural in the Maya Kaqchikel community of Chimachoy…

As a mural painter I’ve visited and worked in many indigenous villages over the years throughout Central America, so when I was invited to a graduation in Chimachoy and was insured I’d find it “special”, I was a bit skeptical. But indeed, Chimachoy IS special! It’s not particularly beautiful, this small ensemble of cinderblock houses, stores and school buildings, although the stunning surroundings definitely make up for any man-made constructions. Located about an hour from Antigua Guatemala, it feels like it’s floating on top of the world, right in between the volcanoes that surround Antigua and those of Lake Atitlán. But even more special are the people. Well organized, dedicated and determined to get ahead in life. Since a couple of years the community has a high school with students and parents who work hard and truly understand the significance of receiving a good education.
Relatively new and the pride and joy of the town is the community centre: an ugly rectangular cinderblock building that looks more like a big barn than anything else, but nonetheless, it’s the community’s centre…
The community centre in its actual state
And that’s where I’d like to come in… I’d love to paint a big and beautiful mural on the front of this building, something that is truly authentic to the community and that will give the people even more pride and sense of identity.
I’ve talked to some members of the community, including the president of the citizens committee and they were all very enthused about the idea.

But it’s quite a wall and stuccoing, priming, the paint, transportation and an assistant all cost money, so that’s why I’m making this my Christmas wish. I figure I need about $750 to make a huge, long-lasting mural on the front of the building. If I can get more donations, I’ll keep on painting indoors.

So, if you want to do something different for the holidays, consider making a donation towards this project! I’d love to bring the community the good news before Christmas and start painting in January. Any contribution is welcome!

I hope you’ll help me turn this so un-Guatemalan grey wall into something as colourful as the dresses of the women of Chimachoy!

Donations can be made through the fundraising page, Paypal (carinsteen at or through the Paypal button on this site) or a deposit on my Dutch bank account (email me for details). 

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